Family Farm in Central Ohio

The Dukard Family Farm

Dukard Family Farm accepts payment for Rabbits  via the paypal icon to the right.  Each rabbit is $20.00.

Funny story with how we started with rabbits.  We started with two females.. or so we thought.  The rabbits were housed together when we bought them so we kept them together in the hutch we built.  Much to my surprise, we had a litter of rabbits about a month later.  Needless to say, we separated them after the baby bunnies were born.  We have enjoyed the surprise ever since!  Now we have excellent large breeding stock and use their manure to fertilize the garden!

New Zealand's are excellent for pets, 4-H projects, or meat. 

We usually have litters year round.

Contact us if you are interested in our rabbits or have any questions.