Family Farm in Central Ohio

The Dukard Family Farm

  We decided to live on our little farm about 5 years ago.  Before then, we lived in a typical neighborhood lot and grew our first garden.  The taste difference of something as simple as a tomato got us thinking of what else we could grow, and what real food should taste like.  We found our little farm and new the potential for growing our own healthy food!  We started with the natural entry animal into farming, CHICKENS!  I will be the first to admit that after having farm fresh eggs, it's hard to go back to store bought eggs.  Yes! I AM AN EGG SNOB  :)  Shortly after getting the chicks, we bought our first couple of goats.  We chose the Nigerian Dwarf goat for a few reasons.  They are small enough to handle easily, their milk is high in butterfat for when we start making cheeses or soaps, and they are super cute :)  Since then we've added rabbits, turkey, meat chickens, pigs, guinea fowl, and bees!!  The goal for our farm is to be as self-sufficient and self-sustaining as possible.  We are growing slowly so the work load isn't overwhelming physically or financially.  The final step we're saving our pennies for is to raise a couple calves each year. 


About the Dukard Family Farm and What's going on!